The future of healthcare is digital

As digitisation grows to become a fundamental aspect in transforming lives, we believe in the best of technology to improve healthcare. Striving towards a seamless virtualized efficiency in cohesive healthcare systems, IX health upholds digital health technology to help hospitals and care providers meet their challenges and improve their practices.

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Innovating strategic healthcare connectivity, for today and tomorrow.

Our solutions are engineered to best fit the healthcare industry that is constantly advancing towards better care for patients. Find out more on how we can help your organization navigate its next step with our healthcare solutions.

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Improving quality and value for patients, carers, and medical institutions is a constant effort. With IX Health solutions, organisations can run systems seamlessly to provide better quality care.

Reduced Cost

Transforming a cost-effective healthcare for all through outsourced expertise of medical practitioners.


With a reliable network system, your patients’ information are always within reach.

Increased efficiency

Cutting equations and diagnostic processes shorter with the assistance of software technology.

Future-proof stability

Our solutions ensure your organisation stays future proof amidst changing healthcare regulations.


Data timeliness allows for better, swift management of patients and treatments.

Reliable support

Deployment, onboarding, and on-demand guidance wherever, and whenever you need it.

Founded by medical doctors and

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